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Marcel Hageman is an experienced interaction designer, front-end developer and novice skydiver living in the Netherlands.

About me.

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I'm currently employed as a front-end developer and user-experience designer at Topicus in the Netherlands. In my free time I enjoy.. well, what everyone enjoys I suppose. Hanging out with friends and family, playing the occasional game, sunshine, holidays and winning lotteries. Haven't had much luck with the latter, unfortunately.

My not-so-predictable hobbies tend to change every time I experience something new, and currently my mind is set on skydiving and working out in the gym, just to compensate for all the sugared coffee I consume on a daily basis.

I've been a front-end designer since 2001. At that time there weren't any schools modern enough to teach me things I didn't know, so I decided the best way to educate myself was to experience the real world (wide web) head on. And since I already had a job as a webdeveloper, it felt right to just stick around.

I was lucky to be mentored by a senior designer and a senior programmer from the start of my career. They each taught me many different things: critical thinking, analytical thinking, proper design theory and so much more.

The first five years of my career consisted mostly of both front and back-end development. I quickly became a self-professed master of HTML (you may call me guru, too) and fell in love with CSS back when it was still new and fresh.

Having first-hand experience with all of the job-related developments of the past decade, I'm very familiar with all popular browsers and their individual quirks. Creating cross-browser and standards-compliant websites comes naturally to me.

The past 5 years were spent mostly with a focus on usability and user-experience. My passion ranges from designing the website or application, creating a clickable demo or prototype to creating the tools necessary for a great interactive experience.

In summary

  • 10 Years worth of web-development experience;
  • Writes cross-browser, W3C-validated HTML and CSS;
  • Works with jQuery and writes jQuery plugins;
  • Passionate focus on usability and user experience;
  • Pixel-perfect perfectionist when it comes to design;
  • Jumps out of airplanes.

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